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PomPoms + Aerobics  = Fat Burning Fun!


Cheerobics at Texas Cheer Fitness!

What is Cheerobics™?

Cheerobics™ is not just about waving pompoms (even though let's face it, that's the best part!) You will be surprised at how much your body will be working; the average Cheerobics™ class will get you burning up to 700 calories!  Cheerobics™ is the ONLY cheerleading workout which is officially recognized as a fitness program, so get ready to sweat!

The routine and the exercises are designed for you to remember the steps easily whether you're a beginner or a pro, and have been developed to maximise the workout potential through a fat-burning aerobics workout while toning your muscles.  All this, while shaking pompoms to the latest party music!





Cheerobics Cheers in the New Year on Good Morning Texas!